The Practice of Mindful Eating: 5 Ways to Control Your Eating Habits

Mindful Eating

When is the last time you slowed down long enough to really take a look at the food on your plate? What you eat and how you eat can be the difference between powering through your day or running out of steam by lunch time. Once you learn the practice of mindful eating, not only will your eating habits improve, but so will your life.

It has been proven that regular, healthy eating habits make us feel better, live longer, increase our energy and improve our mood. So why are we so mindless when it comes to eating?

Be Mindful of What You are Eating

Most of us eat without thinking. We snack throughout the day. We scarf down whatever food we can grab because we are too busy to care what we eat, then move on to the next thing in our life. But, when you are
more mindful of your eating and actually pay attention to what you eat and how you eat it, you are more apt to eat less, eat healthier and feel better.

I am guilty too. There are days when I have to remind myself to sit down and enjoy a meal or snack. Other people may eat compulsively all day long. Either way, it is important to be mindful of what we are eating and how we are eating.

Food is nourishment for our bodies. It provides us with the energy we need to stay active as well as the nutrients we need to stay healthy and feel better

Be Mindful of How you are Eating

By slowing down at mealtime, we can learn to eat mindfully to become more conscious of what we are consuming.

Taking the time to savor the appearance, smell, texture and taste of our food can actually lead to eating less and being more satisfied.

With practice you can transform your relationship with food. You can learn to view eating as an act of self-love.

Mindful Eating: 5 Ways to Gain Control of Your Eating Habits

Be thankful for your food. Before each meal, take a moment be thankful for your food. Think about where food comes from, how it nourishes our body and how lucky we are to have such an abundance of food available to us.

Eat with all five senses. Before you take a bite of food, take a moment to appreciate how it looks. Breathe in the aroma, and as you take a bite, feel the texture and the sensation as it moves through your body.

Wait out your craving. When you long for a certain food, sit with it for a minute. Pay attention to the emotions you are having. Watch the craving rise, then let it go. Grab some water or tea and if you are still having that craving, choose a small portion and be done.

Choose acceptance. If you do overeat, don’t punish yourself. Accept it, get back on track and move on. It is a practice and you can restart your commitment at any time.

Be flexible. Every day is different. Allow yourself to eat what nourishes you that particular day. Switch up your routine rather than getting stuck in a food rut.

 Try this Vibrant Kale Salad!

2 bunches of Kale or a 1 big bag chopped into bite size pieces

1 yellow or red bell pepper

2 or 3 beets steamed and chopped

2 carrots shredded

¼ cup Balsamic dressing

Walnuts chopped (as many as you desire)

Salt and pepper to taste

This salad is colorful with lots of flavors to help you practice eating with all 5 senses.

Pay attention to the wonders on your plate. Happy eating!  

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