How do I find the drive to exercise?

How do I find the drive to exercise?

Like most people these days, I am super busy. My husband and I live a full life that includes work, running a household with two small children and much more. We are constantly busy. It would be easy to skip exercise, but the truth is, we are so much better off when we make the effort. So how do I find the drive to exercise?

Truth be told, it is an effort, but it’s worth it!

My latest goal is to get to the pool to swim twice a week early morning before work. In order to make that happen, I have to use all 10 of these helpful tips.

10 tips to help you find the drive to exercise!

  1. Focus on one goal. Life is often super busy. Pick one thing and stick with it, then move on to another once you have that goal down.
  2. Make a plan and prepare to achieve that goal. Time management and getting organized is big in this department.
  3. Post your goal. Put it where you can see it, like a mantra.
  4. Tell a friend or family member. This helps with accountability.
  5. Get excited and find inspiration. Find people who have achieved what you are looking to achieve. Read about it in magazines or on the internet.
  6. Set a date to get started. It builds anticipation.
  7. Start small. You want to make sure you can be successful.
  8. Focus on the benefits and not how hard it will be.
  9. Know that exercise ebbs and flows. If you get in a rut, just wait it out, it won’t be permanent.
  10. Keep thinking positively. We are here to do our best and practice life! And remember we are on a journey to a healthy goal. Then another…

Motivation is a mindset. It is a matter of telling ourselves that what we are setting out to do, will be worth it! Whether it is to find the drive to exercise, eat better or spend more time outdoor, we will gain something from our actions. We have to tell ourselves ALL the benefits and talk ourselves into why we need to accomplish a goal and that it IS worth our time. Its like being our own coach!

If you can find the drive to exercise, it will bring more balance to your life.  It is amazing how it will also spiral into other areas of your life as well.

Let me know how I can support you with some tools to help you achieve your next goal!

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