Oh, How Easy it is to Forget all our Healthy Habits on Vacation!

My family just took a trip out west together in our RV for three weeks. It was a super big blast! It was my plan to, of course, keep all my daily healthy habits and rituals going throughout the three weeks. Well, I quickly let go of my plans to keep my healthy habits rolling. I am on vacation right? I’ll be fine….

Pretty soon after our trip started, my rituals went out the window, bye bye. I was fine for a while, but then all the yuck stuff started to creep up. Insecurities, moments of feeling lost in what I needed or wanted. The disconnect was happening. Then my husband would try to “help me” by telling me what he thought I needed or wanted. Oh boy, then it becomes the slippery slope.

Rituals are important in our day to day life, they actually set up our day with daily intentions, mindfulness and purpose. This puts us in charge of our reactions throughout our day rather than the day running us ragged and feeling a little lost and confused and not knowing why. It can be a tough reminder when I skip my rituals. It’s OK to skip here and there, we are human, but it important to mostly make those good decisions and stay on track.

I have learned throughout my life that when I practice my daily habits, I have a smoother and more purposeful day. It has taken years for me to get in a good daily rhythm with my daily practices and now I am realizing how important they are even on trips. Let’s face it, things are just different on the road and away from our home, but this daily mindfulness helps us to stay in check with our self no matter where we are.  So, I came up with a way to simplify some healthy habits.

Simplify Your Habits on the Road:

*Plan out the morning the night before. Take a quick minute to set yourself up for a successful morning. (Otherwise, I wake up with no direction, a little lost.)

*Short meditate, breath work, or exercise. 5 to 10 minutes will do. (On this trip walking my dog early was my quiet time because the RV was full of my family:)

*Wash face with cold water or use a face toner spray. They have a rosewater aromatherapy spray at most health food stores. (I usually take a cold shower first thing in the morning, but a quick face wash or face spray will suffice.)

*Lemon Water. (It’s easy and a cleansing way to start the day.)

It was unrealistic to think that I could do all my daily practices in an RV with my husband, two daughters and my sweet dog! I decided to choose the most important  healthy habits for the remainder of my trip. I noticed that it made a positive impact on my family dynamics. (That’s a story for another blog.)

Depending on where you are traveling and what you are doing, pick the ones that make the most sense for your trip, because it matters. Here are a few to choose from.

Here is a List of my Healthy Habits:

*Gratitude journal (At the end of the day I write out 5 things I am thankful for from that day. This helps stack memories from the day and will help you sleep better.)

*Get up early with purpose (I set my alarm to give myself an hour.)

*Plan out morning with to do list. (This helps for organizing the day.)

*Cold shower (Wakes you up for the day! It also has many health benefits.)

*Wash face (Look in the mirror and say good morning)

*Meditate (Insight Timer is a free meditation app.)

*Breath work (Wim Hof)

*Yoga (I love to practice yoga with Yogawithadriane.com)

*Earthing (Walking barefoot outside. I do this while I let my dog out in the morning)

*Lemon water (Great way to start out your day.)

*Writing morning pages (Wake up and write, stream of consciousness.)

I don’t do ALL of these everyday, I just simply pick and choose what I can fit in for the day.


What are your favorite habits or rituals? I would love to hear your thoughts!

Lots of love,



“Behaviors followed by satisfying consequences tend to be repeated and those that produce unpleasant consequences are less likely to be repeated. “Atomic Habits, James Clear