Fear: Don’t let fear guide you in the wrong direction!

Fear is just doing what it is supposed to do, to protect you and keep you  safe. But fear is tricky. It has its place for good and logical reasons, but you have to make sure you don’t let that fear guide you in the wrong direction.

If you are not paying attention, you will realize that fear is actually holding you back from living.

We fear many things:

  • trying new things
  • being made fun of
  • getting hurt emotionally or physically
  • speaking up and being your truest self.

I have started talking to my fear, that’s right, I say, “thank you fear, but I am going to need you to hop in the back seat, I’m driving right now!” I have found that the more I talk to it and acknowledge it, the less fear I feel.

Saying YES is my new motto!

For example, my friend asked me to do a mountain bike race with her. I finally said yes, even though it scared me. That is coming up in two weeks and the voice in my head wants to fill me with all kinds of thoughts like, you are not in good enough shape, you are going to hold people up and what if you wreck? I keep telling myself to stay present, that it will all be alright,  just relax and have FUN with it! I will do my best to be present, have fun, feel my body and use less of my mind during this race. Wish me luck!

Fear and excitement have the same chemical release in our bodies. When doing something new, try to replace those scared thoughts with excitement instead. Simply being conscious of this practice can lead to a mindset that can guide you in your future. Healthy fear mixed with excitement is good!

Can you think of something that challenges you or stretches you?

What can you say YES to Today?

Leave a me comment, I would love to hear your thoughts!